DeBlasio & Associates has vast knowledge in multiple areas of study.

Municipal Engineering

We combine our consulting and engineering expertise to provide our clients with the best solutions and suggestions for their unique municipality.

Civil/Site Engineering

Successful projects don’t just happen – they’re engineered. From new construction to facility renovations and expansions, we pride ourselves on our commitment to your project’s quality.

Coastal Engineering

Living in coastal communities ourselves, we understand the specific demands that come with construction on the shoreline and the importance of preserving those areas.

Project Management

Our firm utilizes our experience to manage projects, budgets and other consultants to achieve superior and cost-effective results.


Grant Writing

Our team is particularly skilled at identifying appropriate and realistic funding sources for a specific project and executing a plan to secure the financing.

Energy Services

Our staff consists of Registered Professional Engineers and Designers ready to deliver the optimal mix of renewable energy technology, innovation and value in a way that makes sense for your engineering project or business.

A Personal Touch

Growing up around the coastal New Jersey area allows Marc and his team to truly understand the needs of the surrounding towns. From the planning process to construction, the community’s needs are always a priority.

Over 25 Years of Experience

With more than 25 years of engineering design, DeBlasio & Associates believes the key to a successful project begins with the client. Providing excellent responsiveness, critical thinking and passion for the work, in the end superior results beyond the client’s expectation are delivered.

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"Listen to what your client wants, evaluate their needs, and give them excellent and responsive service with an outstanding work product."

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