Jun 23, 2019
Cape May County Herald!

WILDWOOD CREST ─ In the conference room of DeBlasio and Associates, the Herald met with Wildwood Crest Engineer Marc DeBlasio June 18.

A public presentation of the borough’s Flood Mitigation and Storm Sewer Master Plan was given May 22, which engaged questions and comments from residents.

DeBlasio gave further explanation of the project’s significance. He posed a deeper question: will residents partner with local government?

According to media sources, the Crest’s plan to reduce flooding involves raising roads. DeBlasio said raising roads is an option for the borough but is not the only solution.

As stated by DeBlasio during the presentation, “Each year, the borough is presented with a constant threat to this community from sea level rise, coastal flooding, nor’easters, and tropical-borne storm activity, introducing severe wave and flood impacts.”

Residents present concerns to the administration and ask for solutions to protect personal property and safety.

Since the 2018 election, Mayor Don Cabrera and commissioners have sought viable solutions to the crisis, sparking the necessity to address the Crest’s infrastructure.

According to DeBlasio, Crest officials have “major decisions” to make in days ahead.

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